About Us

About us

AARZ.PK is highly reputable name that operates in a technological and innovative passion in the sector for real estate in Pakistan. With our high tech, listing and searching services that are available to you online you now can enjoy smart and swift solutions to all your property in Pakistan centered needs. Our services offer you with ease and professional approaches at minimal rates.

We are well aware that each client that is associated with Aarz.pk will be depending heavily on the specialist advice that our team of expert will have on offer, therefore we ensure that the entire process of buying, selling and renting is presented in the simplest of passions to our valued customers. We appreciate your involvement and do not discuss things under the table; you would always be able and allowed to communicate with the buyer or seller directly which dealing with us. Something that you may not find while dealing with our competitors, we in addition, empower individual consumers, real estate businesses and developers to leverage our state-of-the-art platform for all their needs.

You now can get in touch with us, buyers and sellers through our platform while pursing your plans to invest in a Property in Islamabad, Lahore Properties, property in Rawalpindi and even properties in Karachi from the comfort of your home, using your PC or even a Smartphone that you may have. Our unique platform will allow customers to buy, sell and rent out properties and also connect with real estate agents bringing about a change in the real estate world of Pakistan.

AARZ.PK is being led by a passionate group of entrepreneurs located across the globe. Their experience of working for leading global companies like Accenture, Microsoft, The World Bank, Ericsson, Commscope, Google, and German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence has played a remarkable role in bringing technology-driven automation and connectivity to the consumers and businesses that require better, reliable and personalized real estate services.


AARZ.PK aims to deliver digital real estate solutions to the property hunters in Pakistan through better collaboration driven by technology and connectivity. Our mission is to benefit from technology to enable real estate professionals to collaborate efficiently in delivering exceptional consumer experiences.


We aspire to be the most trusted real estate business leader in Pakistan solving the traditional real estate challenges through continuous innovation and becoming a one-stop-shop for our customers.

Our Core Values

Our Philosophy

Our top priority is the ease and convenience of our customers. We remove friction in your traditional real estate experience by leveraging technology, and offering the services to you at a lower cost in the minimum time span.

We work with you to understand your pain points and offer tailor-made solutions. We bring the best practices of efficient real estate to you while working with you. We make you part of the process; we make you part of AARZ.PK in this journey.

We want people from all backgrounds and areas to come together and be able to use our property platform effortlessly. We've made sure that a person's lack of computer skills does not hinder their interaction with our system.

We believe that graphs for real estate in Islamabad and Rawalpindi real estate is going through a booming phase, therefore we have ensured that you get quality consultancy and brokerage services with affordability and ease of mind. This has caught the attention of investors even from abroad. With this highly poised competitive market trends where stock market graph is going upwards, improved infrastructure is shaping and soon will be launched in many areas of the country, everyone is keen to have their share in real estate markets.

With such a close focus on any property in Islamabad or real estate in Islamabad that might be available for sale, buying or renting purposes we ensure that nothing goes missing on our radar. Rawalpindi Real Estate and properties in Karachi are other two hot areas that are under close consideration by our team of experts all the time so as to enable you to get your hands on best deals always.


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