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Why Real-Estate Agents Should Be Blogging?

Blogging is for free, however, if you ignore its benefits can cost you plenty. Marketing is playing a crucial role in the real-estate arena. It is very crucial to create a strong bond with potential buyers and sellers. Some might simply opt for easy and traditional marketing techniques, with the goal that potential buyers and sellers

Investment Prospects of B-17 Islamabad

The increased demand for housing has led to the introduction and development of many new housing schemes in Pakistan. The recent developmental project in Islamabad resulted in many new housing schemes for a common man. Multi Gardens (MPCHS) aims to develop the latest projects with latest trends and standards. B-17 Islamabad is one of the

Should You Invest in Lahore Motorway City?

AARZ.PK is constantly aiming to provide you with the latest property listings and Real-Estate updates. This outstanding platform is providing you information regarding remarkable investment opportunities all over Pakistan. Lahore is the central hub for the Real-Estate sector of Pakistan. Lahore Motorway City is another series in the developmental progress of housing schemes. Lahore Motorway City

Development of Royal City Islamabad

Islamabad is the serene and the most prioritized place to live in. Many new housing schemes have been introduced in this beautiful city. Royal City is a success story and is being developed with unique project design and efforts. There is no match for the quality of services and reasonable prices offered. The remarkable prices make

3 Signs to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Being a part of Pakistani culture, the kitchen is the most loved and used room in the house. Because of most frequent usage, it wears and tears a lot. A functional and appealing kitchen is not only important for your family but if guests visit it must leave a great impression. A meal can only

What Is Punjab Land Records Authority?

Real-estate industry is really booming in the province of Punjab because of all the developmental activity. In reference to that, what actually is Punjab Land Records Authority? Have you ever heard of this entity? Well, today we are going to briefly give you a rough idea about this governing entity. What is Punjab Land Records Authority? Punjab

Updates Required By Your Home After Every 10 Years

Are you going to approach your decade anniversary of your home? Well, it’s time for a little consideration and renovation changes to be made. Your home requires maintenance after every few intervals. It will not only renew your house but also maintain the value of your property. In order to keep your house in the best

A Chapter of Bahria Paradise Karachi

The name of ‘Bahria Town’ needs no introduction in the Real-Estate world. Bahria Paradise Karachi is the new project of Bahria Town Karachi; being developed on the city lines of Central Park, New York. This is going to be a fascinating project. The name is also kept after “Paradise’ to depict the beauty of the

Are Home Tours During ‘Off Hours’ Better?

In this world of emerging technology, usually, buyers begin their search for the new home online. Real-estate portals are helping residents and making the whole home search process easier for the investors. The home tours start right away when the investor looks at the listing photos. Buyers actually want to get an idea of the property

Clean Your House In One Hour

New year, new start, new day! Guests are coming to your house and your maid did not come today. Now your house is a mess. So how to clean your house fast? You want to get over with it as soon as possible. So we are putting down few tips and checklist to clean your

Tips to Cut on Electricity Bills

Rising electricity bills is a rising common problem in Pakistan. Recently, Government has increased the prices by Rs.4 per unit for electricity bills. Although the amount of load shedding is a lot, still the bills are touching the sky. There are few practices that you can follow to save a great deal on your home

Safari Garden Housing Scheme Lahore

Lahore is a city rich with colors and full of life. Over the past few years, many new housing schemes have been introduced in the city for the convenience of a common man. Safari Garden Housing Scheme is a sequence of tranquil and classy residential projects in Lahore. Safari Garden Housing Scheme is a society

Tips To Choose Curtains for Your Home

Curtains are the basic elements of any room, whether you are moving into a new home or you are renovating your existing one. Curtains define the basic pattern and tone of any room or house. You have a variety of options available for decorating your room with curtains, including light and breezy ornamental, solid colored,

Different House Plans for Different Sizes

To start the construction of any home, designing of the house plans is the first and the most critical step. You bought a plot at a hi-fi place, but you were unable to utilize the space efficiently. The whole look of the house is compromised if you don’t plan your house design effectively. Generally, this practice

Projects of Ministry of Housing & Works in Pakistan

You must have heard of different real-estate developers and housing schemes being introduced in the country. But how is actually responsible for carrying out and managing all the construction work in Pakistan? Today we are going to transfer some know-how about the Ministry of Housing & Works in Pakistan. Ministry of Housing and Works is a

5 Ways to Transform Your Home for Retired Life

Retired life could be the best or the worst phase of your life; depending on how you shape it. It’s a common belief that a person must keep doing some job even after retirement. It totally depends on what your heart wants to do and how do you want to spend your time. But one

5 Top Real-Estate Developers in Pakistan

The situation in Pakistan is not very promising for recent years. But some sectors in Pakistan are still showing positive growth impact. Real Estate in Pakistan is one of the growing sectors contributing to the economy of Pakistan. According to the recent stats, approximately $5.2 billion is spent on real-estate construction per year. In the recent

5 Low-Cost Housing Schemes in Lahore

Lahore is the city catering various cultures, values, and traditions for several years. Everyone wants to live in this city full of colors and life. To cater the increasing demand for residential properties, Lahore is being developed with various housing schemes: both low and high end. The city is offering various affordable options for middle-class

Ideas To Decorate Your Home Entrance

You must have heard the famous quote that ‘the first impression is the last impression’. The first thing that you notice whenever you enter any house is the entrance. It is the most important part of any house which creates an impact. Any guest entering your house will judge and complete the whole picture by

Chapter of Wapda Town Multan

Recently, Multan has seen an upgrade and increase in the Real-Estate sector. Many new projects are being announced in the city. AARZ.PK has been constantly updating you about the new developmental projects in all major cities of Pakistan. Wapda Town Multan is another chapter in the book of developmental projects in Multan. Wapda Town Multan is

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