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Real Estate Tycoons-Turned-Celebrities


Have you ever heard about the phenomenon where two people share the same history? Have you ever come across two people alive at the same historical or geological period and share discrete events of life? Let’s have a look at the life history of two personnel. Person A was born and brought up in New York, America. He got an economics degree from a renowned university in America. His father was a builder and real estate developer, whose business was confined to the construction of middle-class apartments. ‘A’ was an energetic and bright child. He was also sent to the military academy at the age of 13. After graduation from college, he joined his father’s business. Although he was inspired by his father’s career in real estate but the younger man goals were significantly more amazing than his father. Later he moved to Manhattan and became familiar with many influential…

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What Kind of Door Suites Your House?


Door is a very critical component of any house. The fundamental purpose of door is to give protection and security. Doors play an important role in adding to the aesthetic view of the house. The look of any room can be flourished with the appropriate design and material of the door chosen. A variety of options is available based on the customers’ preference, style, and budget. The choice of material is totally dependent upon personal choice, but generally, we can divide the doors into four types: WOOD: The most popular choice for making the doors is Wood in Pakistan. The main advantage of using the wood is the ease of availability of material. Various forms and designs are available in the market. Usually, Timber is used for the making of doors in houses. A recent concept is to use wood in combination with decorative glass accents, transoms or lights. The…

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Termite Treatment


You are looking at the finely carved wood door of your house. It is an example of beauty and elegance in itself. But wait….? When you come to open it, you see a brown heap of wooden dust. Yes! The termite issue has started again. In Pakistan, the problem of termite is really hostile. It is among the most damaging pests in Pakistan. Termites destruct wood and any other material containing cellulose. It usually appears when the damage has already done. It is always prescribed to take precautionary measures before construction to avoid any mishap. You can take following precautionary measures before and during the construction of the house: Foundation Barrier: Homes along with other buildings might be pretreated to defend them against termite attack during the time of construction. For effective pre-termite treatment trials, much of the chemical barrier needs to place under the concrete slabs. Clearly, it’s simpler…

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How Can Architect Saves The Cost?


In Pakistan, construction of a house is a lifetime goal. It is considered to be the most significant and expensive project of the whole life. People usually spend their lifetime savings for the construction of their own house. They even take loans and money from their relatives to fulfill this expenditure. Building and owning one’s own house is ‘once in a lifetime project’. Due to our social, cultural and economical restrictions, owning a house is considered to be a symbol of arrogance, pride and status. Due to expensive nature of the project, a lot of consideration is given to decide the location and size of the house. A lot of thought is given to the arrangement and allocation of funds. Due to the sensitivity of the project, it must be dealt by a professional from base till completion. The recommended first step is to appoint a skilled, experienced and reasonably…

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Pakistan’s Most Luxurious Housing Societies


With the emergence of several new housing schemes in Pakistan, it has become increasingly difficult for people to decide which ones to reside in for a comfortable and secure lifestyle. While every other housing scheme promises to provide a luxurious lifestyle with all the modern facilities, only a few stay true to their word. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 5 housing societies that don’t only promise beauty, luxury and security, but are actually the best ones to live in. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it. Defence Housing Authority: A great housing scheme loved by a lot of people is The Defence Housing Society. DHA was typically developed for current and retired army personnel, but general public can also buy plots and houses in the society. DHA has projects in almost all of the major cities in Pakistan, and every single of their projects speaks…

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3 Tips for Investing in Pakistan’s Real Estate


Pakistan’s real estate market is one of the most profitable sectors to invest your money in. People have made millions in this market within months and this well of profits and money seems to have no end. However, with all of the people who’re making huge profits from real estate, there are several others who have gone bankrupt. The only difference between the two is that the former knew the tricks of the trade before investing whereas the latter jumped in blindly. If you, too, are planning to invest in Pakistani real estate, it’s wise to get acquainted with some necessary tips in order to set yourself up for success. Here are 3 important real estate investment tips that will help you invest your money wisely. 1.Look for Wholesale Property A great way to save huge money in real estate investments, if you’re buying property in Pakistan, is to look…

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How Would Islamabad Airport Impact the Neighboring Societies?


The new Islamabad Airport is being constructed near Tarnol. The new airport is being built at the route of Fateh Jang to Kohat. The new airport was inaugurated in 2007. 3,571.5 acres of land was acquired initially for the airport. The new airport was planned keeping in view the future requirement of around 20 years. According to the reports, the plan is in pipeline to acquire 2,800 acres for the construction of third runway at the new Islamabad Airport. The Airport is scheduled to start its operations by 14th August, 2017. The airport was initially named as Benazir Bhutto International Airport. Now it is being renamed as Edhi International Airport. The airport was supposed to be completed by 2010-11 and the cost estimation was Rs 37 Billion. Now the delays have increased the costs upto Rs 70 billion. According to the approved plan of Kashmir Highway, three housing schemes will…

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Types of Architectural Drawings Required While Construction of House


Hiring an architect is the first step towards turning your dream house into a beautiful reality. But how do you make sure that your architect fully understands what kind of a house you’re looking to get built and you both are on the same page? To do that, it is important that you have at least a basic understanding of architecture, so you can communicate your ideas to your architect without any ambiguities. And that basic understanding can be easily achieved if you learn about architectural drawings. An architectural drawing is a graphical representation of any structure to be built. Your architect will develop the architectural drawing after discussing the project with you, so you can see a clear picture of how your house is going to look like from inside out. In this post, you’ll learn five different types of architectural drawing that will give you a fair idea…

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Vital Guidelines – 5-Marla House Construction

5 marla house

Shelter is the basic necessity of every living being. It is of paramount importance to own a house. This chapter of life is really difficult to accomplish. A lot of information and coordination is required from homeowners, architects and construction companies. Another bigger challenge is to find the right people for the right job. By planning ahead of time, a lot of problems can be avoided. In Pakistan, the prices have skyrocketed and the inflation rate has increased over the span of time. Therefore, construction of 5 Marla house became an economical and possible option. This article gives an overview and a rough estimate of all the steps involved in the construction of a 5-marla house. Basic Guidelines for Construction Before starting the construction work, there is a requirement to check the location of your house whether it falls in Earth quake-prone zone or not. This important fact will have…

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LDA has uncovered more plots in Lahore

LDA ncovered Plots

LDA has uncovered 49 more plots in Lahore with various sizes in phase II of Johar town during the auditing of land documents. LDA has deputed a team of Strategic Policy Unit(SPU) for the case of land auditing. The total number of uncovered plots is 49 of phase II and the worth of these plots is One Billion Rupees. These plots are situated at G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, J-1, J-2, J-3 and Block H. LDA is also going to verify another 100 plots in other blocks. There are no official documents of payments and most of the owners did not clear the dues and they have physical possessions of the plots. The Lahore Development Authority has uploaded the list of these plots in Lahore on their official website and also provided the information to print media. LDA officials said.