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New Lahore City – A City Within A City

Pakistan is now blessed with a huge number of new housing schemes, catering to the latest standards and lifestyles. All investors are aimed to invest in the most lucrative properties. New Lahore City is another addition to this fruitful bunch of investment options. Let’s explore the details of this housing scheme. New Lahore City has begun

7 Must Places To Visit In Islamabad

Islamabad, the loveliest city of Pakistan, is full of attractions and colors of life. This peaceful city gives plenty of options for entertainment and recreational places to visit. Islamabad has always been a center of attraction for tourists. Let’s take a tour with AARZ.PK of famous and must places to visit in Islamabad: 1. Shah Faisal Mosque: We

Top 5 Societies In Lahore

LAHORE; a renowned city of Pakistan, is the 2nd populous city of Pakistan. From every angle and perspective, this city is adorable. This endearing place is famous for its vibrant nightlife and hospitality. In the past few years, note-worthy developmental work has mounted the worth of Lahore. People want to live in this city for its

Buy-to-Rent: 7 Ways to Generate Income through Rental Properties

‘Karaya-dar’ and ‘Malik-makan’; the story of almost every real-estate investor in Pakistan. This general practice is ingrained in our society that people became a millionaire after investing in properties and rental properties more specifically. Well, this is actually true! Today, we are going to tell you the different ways in which you can generate income

Splendid Facilities Provided in Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town is an emerging name in the Real-Estate Sector of Pakistan. The group has transformed the lifestyle and standards of residential housing schemes. With every passing day, it is becoming a big brand with the big name. Development in Bahria Town Lahore reminds you the spirit of the land of greens with the modern touch.

Pak-Arab Housing Scheme Lahore – A Strategic Location

“Roti, Kapra, Maqaan”; a phrase that strikes every Pakistani resident. This phrase will probably hold true for many centuries. In the 21st Century, low budgets, growing consumerism, and increasing inflation trends bend the trend towards small houses.  Keeping these points into consideration, a residential society was launched by the name of 'Pak-Arab Housing Scheme', in

Is LDA City Housing Scheme A Worthwhile Investment?

LDA City Housing Scheme is the latest project announced by Lahore Development Authority. This is the largest project of LDA and province of Punjab. Have you visited Lahore in 2000 and now in 2017? You must have noticed all the new developmental projects, new extensive and wide-ranging road projects and many new multi-storey international standard malls. History: A new

Impact of Metro Bus Extension Project to Societies near New Islamabad Airport

In January 2017, we heard the news that National Highway Authority has decided to extend the Islamabad Metro Bus line for Rs. 18 billion. It sounded such a familiar and an expected announcement from the present Government. Nawaz brothers have always believed that road network and transportation projects are vital to economic growth. Later in the

Impact of Under-Construction Underpass in Phase-5 on Neighboring Locations

Lahore has seen phenomenal developmental progress and advancement in the last few years. Have you heard the news about the latest construction of an underpass in Phase-5, DHA, Lahore? If no, then you must skim through this blog for the latest development update and its impact on the neighboring locations. Defence Housing Authority is operational since

Islamabad within Islamabad – Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad is another upcoming attractive investment opportunity. Islamabad has always been famous for its serene, beautiful and peaceful environment. Over the past few years, this city has accommodated many new societies, ventures, restaurants and recreational places. There was a time when Islamabad was limited to few sectors. The residential trends and standards have

Is Eid-ul-Fitr 2017 Going to Leave an Impact on Pakistan’s Real-Estate Market?

Eid-ul-Fitr 2017 is around the corner and within no time, festivity and zeal are all up in the air. This happening event leaves an impact at almost every sector of Pakistan. So how it could not influence the Real-Estate Market in Pakistan? Eid-ul-Fitr always conveys promising concerns for the real estate sector of Pakistan. According to

Re-Balloting of DHA Valley Islamabad

The long awaited news of re-balloting for DHA Valley Islamabad was announced in the first week of June. The first phase of re-balloting was done on 7th June 2017 at Jungle Restaurant, Phase-1, DHA Islamabad. According to the sources, DHA announced the balloting for about 150 homes only in this ballot. The society is giving 5-marla

DHA City Karachi & Its Magnificent Facilities

DHA City Karachi is being developed at the foot lines of dynamic advancement strategy. This society is being constructed at the international standards and practices at a remarkable pace. DHA City Karachi is exclusively designed, the viable and unique venture of Pakistan. The developmental projects going in DCK depicts professional glance. DHA is known for

Trends of Army Welfare Trust Housing Society (AWT) Phase-2, Lahore

Excellent location and reasonable prices; these are the two qualitative factors that best describe the ‘Army Welfare Trust Housing Society’.  AWT Lahore is a welfare housing project of Askari Group of Business Enterprises. This society was launched in 1990, in order to provide economical investment solution to the residents of Pakistan. Location: AWT Housing Scheme, Phase-2,  is

Future of Central Park Lahore | Expected Price in 2018

‘Rich people are well-off because of their financial investment in property and plots.’ Being a Pakistani, I hope, you can totally understand this psychological security. “Central Park Housing Scheme Lahore” is one of the chapters in the developmental book of Lahore. Many new societies are announced over the past few years and the general public is

Fate of Top City Islamabad

It was 4:00 a.m. on 12th May 2017, when police and rangers raided House no. 57, Street no. 15, Sector F-11/3. The person arrested is the owner of Top City-1, Kunwar Moeez Khan. His house trespassed as if he is the most wanted criminal and was hiding from the law enforcement companies of Pakistan. Top City-1

Which Air Conditioner Should You Buy?

One of the things that are frequently discarded during the design and construction of the house is the planning for air conditioning system. Mostly, the owner is unaware of the various system options available. The market trends are continuously changing and the trend is more shifted towards economical option. But the thing that has not

Real Estate Tycoons-Turned-Celebrities

Have you ever heard about the phenomenon where two people share the same history? Have you ever come across two people alive at the same historical or geological period and share discrete events of life? Let’s have a look at the life history of two personnel. Person A was born and brought up in New York,

What Kind of Door Suits Your House?

Door is a very critical component of any house. The fundamental purpose of door is to give protection and security. Doors play an important role in adding to the aesthetic view of the house. The look of any room can be flourished with the appropriate design and material of the door chosen. A variety of options

Termite Treatment

You are looking at the finely carved wood door of your house. It is an example of beauty and elegance in itself. But wait….? When you come to open it, you see a brown heap of wooden dust. Yes! The termite issue has started again. In Pakistan, the problem of termite is really hostile. It is among