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What’s Happening in Top City 1

Top City-1 is a project whose development was commenced in 2012 and it is now heading for its climax. This housing project promises to be the most reliable, luxurious and wonderful product an average Pakistani could afford. The new extension to Islamabad, TopCity-1, is an elegantly planned housing scheme that provides you all you have ever dreamed for a good living.

The pattern of luxury and current way of modern lifestyle has but TopCity-1 truly murdered the earth without consideration however TopCity-1 among the various contemporary housing schemes is the only one where luxury and eco-friendly environment go as an inseparable unit.  Carbon footprint has become a global issue that has tremendously impacted the purity and clarity of our mother planet and therefore Top-City 1 has taken tremendous consideration to avoid unsustainable practices.

Revision of Map and possession

The relocation of Kashmir Highway’s patch that is to run through the society caused the society to revise maps for Blocks E and F. To get approval for the revised map for these blocks, it has been sent to the RDA and approval is granted. Development work will be started as soon as formal approval is granted as there is no other impediment left. Civil Aviation Authority and Ministry of Defense has also approved the revised map for these blocks.

Map for Blocks I, J, and K are also going through the process of the approval with the RDA according to the last updates. Residential Plots of 10-marla, 1-kanal, and 2-kanal sizes will be launched here.

Blocks B and C are around 80% developed and complete possession is available, likewise blocks A and D are also 80% developed.  Blocks E, and F will soon witness development as the RDA approval for revised maps is granted to the city.

Prevailing Market Trends

All the recent developments regarding Top City 1 has worked out in society’s favor pretty well. Top City 1 is benefiting from its prime location as the society is in the close vicinity of New Islamabad international Airport and many other distinguished housing societies like Eighteen Islamabad.

Top City 1 is investors’ favorite since its launch and recent relocation of Kashmir Highway has added even more value to its already good location. Top City-1 owner being cleared by the court has an equally important role in causing the demand to increase as credibility of society is no longer a threat.

Besides since after the general 2018, the market has gained its momentum back and investors are seeking good opportunities. This is resulting in the increasing demand for Top city 1 because society has everything a peaceful living and a profitable investment requires and more.

Talking about the plot sizes preferred by the investors; the trends show 5 Marla plots are famous among genuine buyers and end users while 10 Marla plots are also witnessing price appreciation and they are demanded by medium to long term investors.

Suggestions for Future Buyers

With all the good things happening at the same time for society Top City 1 is turning out to be a feasible option for end users and genuine buyers. CDA sectors are also expecting some major developments and provided that happens; Top City 1 will be one of direct beneficiaries. Transaction volume increased by 10 to 20% when the owner of society was cleared the court and then again around eid-ul-fitr.

For investors looking to invest in Top City 1, we suggest them to invest in blocks A, and B as the development is almost completed here. Market readers are expecting a steep increase in demand and ROI in this housing Society. Given the trends when expert investors are wooing a potential opportunity it turns out to be a high profit investment.

So, genuine buyers as well as investors can confidently think about investing in Top City 1 for medium and long term investments.

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