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What’s On Offer In Royal City Multan?

The city of Multan has several stunning housing wanders offering incredible housing and commercial opportunities but City is a one of its kind expansion to the city. With its mind-blowing area, brilliant highlights and a favorable installment plan, Royal City is a potential head turner for end users and investors in Multan.

Royal City mainly contains private plots, while a few of manors and villas are also infused into the housing plan. For Royal City, the most engaging component is its wonderful location as it is only a five-minute away from Ring Road, which is the main artery of Multan that is running through the whole city of Multan, allowing convenient accessibility.

Amenities and Features

For inhabitants liking to be found where there’s most noteworthy facilities, living in Royal City will give the benefit of continually being near the best conveniences the city brings to the table. In any case, that is not all the society has planned to indulge in.

Royal City is committed to giving extravagance living including free along with free education till matric for its inhabitants. Various Entertainment Channels, alongside a number of theme parks, zoo, water parks, adventurous rides, dancing fountain and the biggest park of Multan is going to be built here. The gated network has a considerable measure in store for each one of the individuals who wish to have the best lodging facilities.

The developers have guaranteed that remarkable recreational offices are given in the undertaking. These incorporate amusement parks, water parks, dancing fountains, mini golf course, a sports complex and a best in class Cityscape Center. Besides these amenities, the Royal City Multan has following eminent features according to official website.

  1. Royal city is giving free transportation to its occupants from the society to the closest Metro Station.
  2. A Number of spacious mosques are built within Royal City for prayers. The community meetings are also going to be held here in order to bring the residents together in harmony and symbolize heritage and faith.
  3. Royal City has a multi-tier security encompassing a Police Station in the society, a contingent of trained security personnel, an elaborate network of CCTV cameras are installed, mandatory screening of all employees, Screening of all residents, rapid response force for any undesirable situation.
  4. A dedicated community hospital which provides a comprehensive range of general & surgical procedures for both inpatients, day care settings and have its own water purification plant.
  5. Keeping in mind the importance of quality education and the need to prevent residents from sending their children in institutions outside their secured community, Royal city presents a superior educational establishment which hosts free primary and secondary schools, a college and a medical university.
  6. The Mall of Multan isn’t just a mall but a resort for high-end shopping, fine dining, personal care salons, coffee shops, play areas, grocery and everything you can envision. Built in classical Roman Architecture, it brings premium shopping, lifestyle and entertainment destination. With high end branded stores for apparel, watches, jewelry, accessories and a host of world-class attractions, shopping has been redefined here along modern consumer behavior.
  7. A world class gated community without a fine place for its residents to gather and dine in is like a delicious cake without icing. At Royal City Multan there is a largest Community Club which speaks volumes of luxury and prestige.
  8. Royal City is bringing an evolution in the concept of living spaces in Multan city, where residents have modern amenities and luxuries within their reach. The society tends to provide its elite class residents with helipads so they can live in a luxurious environment.
  9. Royal city aims to provide a well-maintained golf course for its business class entities with a regal style.
  10. Cleanliness and hygiene is ensured in Royal City by establishing an elaborate system of waste collection and disposal, timely cleaning of roads and streets through manual and automated mechanisms.

Location Map

The Royal City Multan located on Muzaffar Garh Road, Head Muhammad Wala, Multan is offering plots of 3.5, 5, 7, 8, and 10 Marla, and additionally 1, 2, and 4 Kanal while Villas on offer are of 3.5 to 5 Marla. These plots and villas have a similar access to amenities and facilities, guaranteeing a similar sort of way of life for all occupants.  The location of the society is also central as visible in the map below.

Payment Plan

The common practice is that if a society has exceptional facilities it is ridiculously expansive too but Royal City Multan has paid a special attention that end users are able to buy properties here and live their dream life. Payment plan span over 76 easy installments in six years’ time period as it can be seen in the payment plan below.

Residential Plots

Description 3.5 Marla 5 Marla 7 Marla 10 Marla 1 Kanal 2 Kanal 4 Kanal
Total Payment on 6 year plan 962,000 1,350,000 1,855,000 2,600,000 5,000,000 10,000,000 20,000,000
20% discount on cash payment 77,000 1,080,000 1,484,000 2,080,000 4,000,000 8,000,000 16,000,000
Booking 5,500 10,500 16,000 22,000 33,000 66,000 132,000
Confirmation (30 days) 22,000 27,000 33,000 54,000 99,000 198,000 396,000
Allocation (30 days) 22,000 27,000 33,000 54,000 99,000 198,000 396,000
73 Premiums 5,500 7,500 10,000 13,000 22,000 44,000 88,000
6 Monthly Premiums 26,000 42,000 61,000 88,000 186,000 372,000 744,000
Possession 100,000 117,000 156,000 233,000 466,000 932,000 1,864,000
Final Payment before registry 100,000 117,000 156,000 233,000 466,000 932,000 1,864,000

Payment Plan for Villas is as below.

Description 3.5 Marla 5 Marla
Total Payment on 6 year plan 2,078,000 2,716,000
20% Discount on cash payment 1,663,000 2,173,000
Booking 11,000 21,000
Confirmation (30 days) 33,000 44,000
Allocation (30 days) 35,000 44,000
73 Premiums 11,000 16,000
6 Month Premiums 33,000 44,000
Possession 400,000 456,000
Final Payment before registry 400,000 456,000


If you are looking for an unconventional housing society with world-class amenities within Multan, Royal City is the best avenue designed by the authentic and well-reputed developers and providing luxurious amenities and a well standard lifestyle.

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