Paragon City Lahore: A City With in The City

Paragon City Lahore is a completely developed private complex located on Burki Road, Aziz Bhatti Town, Lahore – that resembles no other. The uncommon features on offer and the amazing feel of the society makes the living in this society like that of a paradise where chaos is unknown.

Paragon City is one of the cutting edge housing ventures since 2003 that is absolutely legal and authentic. With the expansion in the number of inhabitants in the metropolitan and the completion of Ring Road, Paragon city has achieved an important locus. It’s undeniably clamored free and unperturbed housing society which gives it’s the true serenity.

Amenities and lifestyle

Paragon city has the facilities and services of the finest cadre. It provides an experienced unparalleled and aesthetic. This society is a house to educational and financial institutions of the highest caliber, a network of vast roads decked with street lights, parks, mosques, and commercial zones.


Paragon city is not only built keeping in view the best architectural practices and the finest materials, it is also designed to make the best use of space. The facilities and ambiance there make your finest dreams of living come true.  Some of the exceptional features are as follows:

  1. Complete infrastructure, Greenbelts and Parks, wide road network.
  2. Commercial Area encompassing Imperial Cineplex Mall, Restaurants and Banks
  3. Good Schools and colleges, 24/7 Security, Mosque and saloon for ladies and gents.
  4. Hospitals and pharmacy along with all the necessities of life and more.
  5. Underground electrification has made the society effectively wireless.
  6. A power grid station has been installed which will make the society independent in terms of electrical energy.
  7. The Executive block provides Pakistan’s first and only, farmhouse lifestyle with modern urban facilities
  8. Quick and effective response to fraudulent activities and complaints. The society has already blacklisted Homeland state Agency and all its members.


Paragon city is located on the prime location of Barki Road, Aziz Bhatti Town, Lahore. This town is circumspectly positioned in the environs of various other major landmarks such as Hayat Regency, Serena Hotel, and Askari X.

Furthermore, It takes 4 minutes from Paragon City to reach Allama Iqbal Airport, 2 minutes to reach Abdullah Gull Interchange, and 10 minutes to get to DHA Phase 1-5. Mall of Lahore can be accessed within 5 minutes and Governor House/Mall Road within 15 minutes. The map below is a better depiction of its key location.


Payment Plan

Paragon city officials have issued two types of payment plans. One is for residential blocks which include the Imperial garden, Executive Block, Paragon City Woods, Grove block and Imperial Home. The payment plan for these blocks is as follows.


Another payment plan is for commercial plots of various sizes. Commercial blocks include Broad Way and High Street.  The following payment plan is issued for commercial plots.



Maximum portion of the Paragon City is already been sold out and owners have moved in to enjoy living in this peaceful site. However, buying and selling trends are still seemingly on the rise. Prices have also been increasing due to increased demand. All in all, it is a promising opportunity for both investment and residential prospects.

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