Rawalpindi & Its High Caliber Real Estate Projects Are Attracting Investors


Pakistan and its major cities have shown tremendous outcomes in the real estate sector. Structures, designs, and facilities have improved quite a lot over the past decade. Where the Capital Territory has always remained a favorite residential area due to its serene and sophisticated atmosphere, its twin, Rawalpindi has managed to bring itself somewhat at par in the domain of housing and lifestyle.

Main Double Road-Bahria Town


Rawalpindi, a city well known for its lively culture and busy streets, is now home to a number of mesmerizing and astounding housing societies. Projects such as Gulraiz Housing Society, Airport Housing Scheme and the high profile Bahria Town and DHA (some sectors that fall in Rawalpindi) are among the most notable and prestigious residential areas in the city.

Commercial Area Bahria Town

Investors in and out of Pakistan are now keen on purchasing property in Rawalpindi. This is due to the significant increase in the quality and design of homes along with the positive change in the lifestyle of neighborhoods. Comfort and peace are what attract potential investors towards residential areas. Combine that with continuously improving facilities and affordable rates and you get the perfect choice for a home.

Safari Villas Luxury Apartments

Although fortunately, the federal capital and all its recreational points and shopping centers are within a reasonable distance, there are a rising number of malls and complexes in Rawalpindi as well. Greenvalley Hypermarket and Hyperstar are among the trendy and busiest stores, pulling in a large portion of the city’s middle and upper-middle class. Other grand projects include Mega Mall, TQ Mall, and the Emirates Shoppers Paradise; all of which are in the run to make Rawalpindi a great place for shopping.



Greenvalley Hypermarket

Despite having a mix of such exhilarating new experiences, Rawalpindi tends to remain quite affordable as compared to Islamabad. This added advantage is another reason for investors’ piqued interest. Such rates are not only attractive due to budget savings but because the return on investment is comparatively greater. Therefore, we can say that Rawalpindi owns immense potential in the real estate business of Pakistan.

If you are going to ideal locations in search of a home or even planning on investments in the commercial sector, Rawalpindi is a great place to start. The growth potential seen over the last several years makes it quite evident that the value of the property will escalate quickly.

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