Balloting of ASF City Karachi on 14th August

Airport Security Force City Housing scheme that is more particularly known as ASF City, Karachi (ACK) has been pictured as “The Sustainable City of Pakistan”. In future, it will fill in as a prototype for the future urban areas and housing societies in the country towards sustainable architecture.

The point has been to plan and construct a city, which furnishes its locality with a protected, agreeable, effective and excellent way of life. ASF City Karachi is set to surface on the international map of sustainable cities development through the master plan that is unprecedented in Pakistan and which is contrived after involving national and international experts, and using latest international standards and GIS Technology.

Development pace in the society has been slow but as the balloting date is announced to be 14th of August, 2018 – the way things stand is expected to change and increased demand might stir up the pace of development in the society too.

Reopening of Memberships

Earlier in the start of this year ASF city reopen memberships and offered their previous members who were holding PKR 10000/- worth of membership to renew it at the cost of PKR 3000/-. These memberships allow the holders to invest in projects of ASF foundation. Although there is not any news of any upcoming project but ASF hinted something will come up soon and these memberships will be needed then.


ASF Housing Scheme Karachi is located on Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway and it is neighboring society of DHA Karachi and Bahria Town Karachi. A plethora of other societies are also expected to be built here soon and based on that expectation it is safe to say that this society holds a great potential for long term investments.

However, this area is away from the hustle and bustle of the city and for that very reason preferred by customers who wish to live in a peaceful, calm and rather isolated outskirts of the city.

Aftermaths of Forthcoming Balloting

The last balloting held on March 31, 2017 and now another round is due on 14th August, 2018. This news has renewed the interest of buyers in the society now that the DHA is also being built within the vicinity. After balloting the buyers will know exactly where their plots are located and some of them who have decided to sell their properties will also be able to make transactions.

The slow development is also expected to pick some pace and the prices are climbing up in anticipation of these upcoming developments. The forthcoming balloting is offered for those investors who has already paid five installments and the sixth will be paid after balloting in last week of September.

The cost of 125 sq. yard plot has appreciated from PKR 130,000 to 150,000. According to sources, the aggregate price one has to pay for a 125 sq. yard plot is between four to six lac on installments. The prices have increased in the society and hence people who have put their plots on sale are expecting an average profit of one lac above their installments. 125 sq. yards plots are best option for investors who are looking for long term investment opportunities and these are abundantly available too.


This society is only suitable to be considered as a long term investment opportunity as its market depends on the development of other major societies that are expected to be built here. Besides utilities of life are not yet and the area is far from the city so it is not suitable for families with young kids and limited resources.

However, it is a good place to invest if one wishes to live in the suburbs and peaceful environment and don’t need to travel daily in rush hours. Besides that this society also holds a great potential for long term investments and once the DHA and Bahria Town are developed in the neighborhood the demand for this society will increase and good ROI can be expected.

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