Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Many people in Pakistan may not be familiar with the rights that belong to them. When dealing in one of the booming sectors of Pakistan, i.e. the real estate industry they may feel immense pressure due to the cluelessness that they may have in this huge and roaring sector. Aarz.pk is proud to offer real time high-tech and relevant insights about all the associated domains that are linked directly or indirectly with the property markets of Pakistan. Our property terms and conditions are designed to secure the rights of our clients from each and every angle.

Property terms and conditions may not be easy to design and understand. This is where conflicts and confusion may start taking place and deal may go in the pending zones. Aarz.pk offers terms and condition for real estate in Pakistan that may help one in pursuing the right investment channel and ensuring the best returns on those investments that are made by them. Our teams of expert consultants are constantly striving to add more value to the terms and condition for real estate in Pakistan.

Property Terms of Use, if well understood will allow one to know more about the basics and core aspects of property markets that are in a makeshift phase. If you are finding it difficult to cope with the real estate terms of use in Pakistan then you may simply get in touch with our professional consultants and they will provide you with excellent and relevant solutions in the property terms of use and will enable you buy or sell Lahore property or go for a property for sale in Karachi without any hesitation because you will be confident that you are now not moving on with a weak or blurred approach, things would become clearer for you to understand with the help of real estate terms of use in Pakistan.

We can help you in finding properties even in highly congested and Property for sale in Rawalpindi if you are looking to rent them or if it a focus that is centered mainly on the selling domain where you want to sell Lahore property at best possible rates in a smooth passion without working very hard to achieve this goal that you may have.

This added insight offered by Aarz.pk with its hi-tech and strong grip in  real estate terms of use in Pakistan will enable you to enjoy a win-win situation always, i.e. whenever you will be engaged in the real estate business, you will be confident that someone highly professional is watching your back.

Acceptance of Terms

The services and facilities provided to you by AARZ.PK are subject to the following Terms of Use.
We have the right to change the Terms at any time without a notice. These terms can be viewed by visiting the hypertext link “Terms of Use” at the bottom of our website.

Description of Services

AARZ.PK is a property platform that gives you the opportunity to buy, sell, rent your property, and also connect with agents and developers (collectively services). All our services and updates are subject to the Terms of Use.

Use of the site

Privacy and Protection of Personal Information

Our elaborate Privacy Policy discloses the collection and subsequent use of your data. .

Material Provided to AARZ.PK

Any submissions made by you in the form of property submissions, comments, reviews or queries, become our property and we are at the liberty to make use of it however we want. Additionally, any related information submitted as a result of your submission such as your name or email address can also be used by us. For this, we advise you to not falsify your identity otherwise strict action will be taken against you. We also have the right to remove or edit any submission made to AARZ.PK.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are under the jurisdiction of laws of Pakistan and all the parties involved must submit to these laws. AARZ.PK has the power to take any legal action if its intellectual property rights are threatened. In case of a disagreement between AARZ.PK and a customer, we will focus upon finding cost effective and fair means of resolving the dispute. Before taking any legal action, we strongly advise you to contact us directly so that we may discuss to resolve the issue.

Links to Third Party Sites

Any links to a third party site is not under the control of AARZ.PK and we are not, in any way, responsible for them. Similarly, we are not to be held accountable for the contents of the said third party website or any transmissions received from them. We’ve only included these links to facilitate you and are not in any way endorsing the third party sites.

Important Note

AARZ.PK is at liberty to terminate these Terms of Use or repeal any or all of the rights granted to you under these Terms. This termination implies that you are no longer entitled to use or access our site, as a result of which we will revoke all passwords and account identification given to you and also restrict your access to our site. If, at any point, you are not satisfied by our site or services, you can contact us directly or discontinue using our website.


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